ECCG: Fueling Sustainable Transportation with 2000 EV Chargers and BeyoND.

Electric Vehicle Common Charger Grant (ECCG) is an initiative by the Land Transport Authority to co-fund installation costs of 2000 Electric Vehicle Chargers. Enabling non-landed private residences (NLPR), i.e. condominiums and private apartments to install multiple chargers to support the growing demand for chargers in our residential and commercial sectors.

This initiative hopes to encourage our transition as a country to a viable source of energy. It aims to construct a network of 60,000 chargers, dotted around our island by 2030.

The Electric Vehicle Common Charger Grant (ECCG) will apply to the upfront cost of LEW fees, Installation as well as the Charging Systems. The incentive amount is equivalent to a percentage of the eligible costs. The grant funds 50% of your smart charging system, LEW fees and installation works. ECCG will be open until the 31st Dec 2023.

To qualify for the Electric Vehicle Common Charger Grant (ECCG), the eligible charging equipment must be fitted with smart charging functionalities. We recommend speaking with your energy professional for your property’s eligibility and guidance.

For the most up-to-date information, please review the sponsoring entity’s website for details on eligibility and program details. View additional details on eligibility and redemption.